Ways You Can Help!

You don’t have to be a foster or adoptive parent to help! Small efforts make a huge difference, and the items below are just a few of the easy ways you can help:
  • Provide snacks or dinner for foster, resource and adoptive parents during training/in-services
  • Provide small toys (happy meal size) to keep busy hands busy
  • Provide snacks for youth during our parents night out (we provide parents night out four to five times a year so that our foster, resource and adoptive families can enjoy a kid free night for free)
  • Provide a meal to a local foster, resource, or adoptive family
  • Volunteer to watch youth during parent’s night out and during in-services
  • Provide music lessons free of charge to youth in our community
  • Provide tutoring free of charge to a youth in our community
  • Suggest or help with Fundraisers
  • Donate to us financially
  • If you own or run a business, offer discounts or free services to foster families
  • If you have a special skill – carpentry, handiwork, etc. – donate time to local foster families
  • Offer driving lessons to youth in foster care
  • Intern or Volunteer with Montgomery County Department of Social Services