Like Me?

What Does a Foster or Adoptive Parent Look Like?

They look a lot like you.

Someone who is understanding, caring, and wants to see kids succeed. We need people like you to give children in Montgomery County safety, comfort, and an opportunity to grow. And we’ve got the training, resources, and support to help you do it.

Who are we and how can we help?

The Foster & Adoptive Parent Program helps our community’s most vulnerable and hurting children.

Since 2005, the Montgomery County Department of Social Services has created a non-profit resource program in order to recruit, train, and support foster and adoptive families. Using a nationally recognized curriculum, we train prospective foster and adoptive parents to create a greater number of possible matches for children in our communities.

So what can you do to help?

There’s lots of ways to help. To find out more about being a foster or adoptive parent, visit the About Foster Care & About Adoption pages.

Or if you want some easy ways to get involved and help, visit the Ways to Get Involved page.

Family Stories:



McPeakWe are Danny and Christie and we’ve been foster parents since 2010. We have adopted a child in 2015. We chose to become foster parents to be able to help children when they need us most and to make a difference in their lives. We initially thought we would be teaching them so much and it turns out, they’ve taught us more than we could’ve imagined! That’s been the best part about being foster parents. The hardest part is when the children leave to return home although with all the support available, it really helps. We love the children who have stayed with us and will continue to be foster parents for years to come. Its amazing seeing how much each child has learned and grown over the time we’ve had them.

HINKLEYWe are Darrell and Janet Hinkley and we have been foster parents for 14 years now! We have adopted 2 children. We have always known there were children already born that needed someone to love them and take care of them. We do foster care because it can be so rewarding. To have the opportunity to make a positive difference in a child’s life, knowing they have had so many negatives. To help them grow stronger physically and mentally so that they will have a better outlook for their future. The best part about foster care for us has been seeing what a difference can be made in a child’s life. Watching the tears of pain and hurt turn into smiles and laughter is why we continue to be foster parents. One of the things our family has always done to is to tuck the kids in, and tell them “sweet dreams”. We still continue to get phone calls and texts from some of the kids who have grown up telling us “good night and sweet dreams”. The hardest part about being a foster parent has been watching some of the children being let down by the people in their lives that they love most.