About Foster Care

What Does a Foster Parent Look Like?

A lot like you.

  1. Who can be a foster parent?
  2. What do we provide?
  3. What are my responsibilities?

Who can be a foster parent?

Foster and adoptive parents are a lot like you, someone who is caring, physically,mentally and emotionally capable of caring for a child and willing to participate in our training. Our parents can be:

  • Single, married, widowed, divorced
  • Any age at least 21 years old
  • A family with or without children
  • A renter or a homeowner
  • Employed or retired, financial able to care for family’s present needs
  • Visit our GETTING STARTED page to learn more about how you can become a foster parent.

What do we provide?

We’re here to help you with ongoing financial, educational and emotional support:

  • 24-hour on-call support
  • Resource library of books, magazines and videos on childcare
  • Maintenance payment for the care of the child
  • A support system of other foster and adoptive parents
  • Virginia Medicaid to cover medical and dental bills and counseling
  • Yearly clothing allotment
  • Free daycare services for employed parents

What are my responsibilities?

Responsibilities of a foster family:

  • Act as a temporary, substitute family for a child in need.
  • Models positive parenting for biological families.
  • Acts as a mentor for the biological family.
  • Provides non-physical discipline.
  • Participates in the foster child’s education, court processes, and review board meetings.
  • Helps children grow and mature.
  • Provides transportation to appointments.
  • Attends further training.

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